Bringing together Māori wairua with western wisdom

Welcome to Walking with Tūpuna – the new website of author, storyteller and Māori Energy healer Tau Huirama.

A few words from Tau:

My walk with Tūpuna is not mine alone.  My Tūpuna walked with their Tūpuna , as did those before them.

Throughout my life I have gathered a huge resource of knowledge and experience. I want to share this resource with you because I believe it can, truly, support your success.

Born in the Waikato, I am of the Tainui Waka of the Hapu Ngati Tamainupo and Ngati Maniapoto heritage. My experiences have come through both my personal and whānau life and my work locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

“Acknowledging wairuatanga as an integral part of life will help many to find balance, confidence and inner peace. It is time…” – Birgit Baader, Author of Power Tools for Power Kids

Ko te tangi o te manu aa te Huia,
Hark to the sweet cry of our Huia bird,
Ki te hui hui, hui mai tatou,
To come gather one and all,
Whakahuihuitia mai ki te kaupapa e te tangi atu nei,
To gather, to share, to listen to each other in our endeavours,
Ki nga hua i roto i o tatou kaupapa korero  e whakatupu ake nei,
To select only the finest fruit that surfaces within our discussions to develop further.

Walking with Tūpuna

In February 2019, Tau launched his new book “Walking with Tūpuna”. The book shares Tau’s real experiences and stories. He is the first Māori author to share his knowledge of wairua in this way.

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Walking with Tūpuna Workshops

Tau also offers Walking with Tūpuna workshops, sharing his vast experience spanning over 34 years with teams and organisations all around the world.

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Storytelling and Public Speaking

Tau is an inspirational indigenous, cultural and spiritual story teller and public speaker with wide life and cultural experience that provides him with deep rich and entertaining stories to share.

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Spiritual Supervision and Māori Energy Healing

Spiritual supervision and māori energy healing are also part of Tau’s service offering. Tau comes from an ancestral line of indigenous Māori healers.

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