Storytelling and Public Speaking

Tau is an inspirational indigenous, cultural and spiritual story teller and public speaker with wide life and cultural experience that provides him with deep rich and entertaining stories to share. This includes insights into his spiritual energy healing journey and life growing up in a Māori whānau in the heart of Tainui.

Internationally trained indigenous Māori speaker

Tau is also internationally trained in public speaking and his vibrancy and spark gains immediate attention from audiences.  He is passionate about bringing stories to life in a way that engages, entertains and includes each and every person in the audience. He knows how to commit key messages to people’s minds so they remain active influences and prompt ongoing reflection and discussion – often long after people have heard him speak.

Tau’s indigenous cultural and spiritual story telling is tailored to meet the specific theme, needs and focus of your conference, seminar, business, community or family event.  As a story teller, he has a deep reservoir of indigenous cultural and spiritual stories and a wealth of story telling skills that bring everything he says to life – inviting his listeners into his world while connecting to theirs, in ways that bridge differences and create connection and relationship. The result is a presentation that engages, excites and inspires everyone present.

Tau has a wealth of stories to offer, gathered through his personal and professional experience. If you’re looking for an engaging and inspiring speaker for your event, get in touch today.