Spiritual Supervision & Māori spiritual healing

Spiritual supervision and māori spiritual healing are also part of Tau’s service offering. Tau comes from an ancestral line of indigenous Māori healers. He had the privilege of growing up in a Waikato whānau where spiritual healing was an inherent part of daily life and he has continued this tradition through his own healing practice.

Are you feeling tense or having difficulty coping with stress?
You may have experienced loss, conflict or change or found yourself under extra pressure in some part of your life?
Or it may be that you, your family or workplace team want to learn how to use your own healing energy to prevent stress from building up and keep yourselves well balanced and healthy?

Tau works with individuals, couples, families, whanau and groups.

He helps individuals to reduce the heaviness and invisible pain of trauma. Using simple techniques, Tau draws on his spiritual knowledge and the gifts inherited from his ancestors to help people to process things differently, and bring hope and positive energy back into their lives.

His intention is to remove unhelpful energy blockages and help people activate the nourishing power of their own healing energy, so they have this resource to draw on during future times of pressure and stress.

Working with you to facilitate healing

Healing sessions with Tau always begin with a conversation. He listens with care, understanding your issue so he knows how best to help you. Tau’s role as an indigenous spiritual healer is to facilitate your own healing process, drawing on  support and guidance from both his own and your ancestral guides in the spirit world.

Tau has many ways of working energetically to facilitate healing. The indigenous forms of spiritual healing he uses have been practised by his ancestors through many  centuries, unblocking and activating the healing energy within all of us that promotes physical and emotional wellbeing.  Depending on your needs, Tau may use one or more of these healing  approaches:

  • guided meditation
  • aura cleansing
  • numerology
  • miri miri (light nurturing body work)
  • deep therapeutic massage
  • spiritual healing massage where messages received from his own and his clients’ ancestors in the spirit world are passed on to his clients

All indigenous spiritual healing bodywork takes place fully clothed. Where clients have a health issue requiring medical follow-up, Tau encourages his clients to talk with their medical practitioner.

Spiritual house cleansing

For many years Tau has successfully helped people through spiritual healing and cleansing of houses, work places, gardens and land. This can clear away your worries about the presence of spiritual entities, help add vibrancy and peace to your surroundings and offer you a sense of calm and safety. Each healing or cleansing is completely different, so Tau is available at any time to discuss your needs.